Our client was relaunching their web page and wanted to redefine the Help Center landing page to display the information in a more intuitive way for clients and therefore, reduce the excess cost regarding the bast volume of tickets the call center received over the same issues.

To achieve this, we performed the functions of business analysis to understand the issues the client struggled with of the current Help Center page and an international benchmark on good practices.  With the Help Center objetives set clear and the analysis of the Customer data, we defined the strategy for the page by grouping the information in a modular way categorized by the phases of the customer journey: ticket purchase, before the flight, during the flight and after the flight. Each category was divided into three subcategories based on the action the user wanted to achieve: information, request, suggestions or claims; and the information displayed was prioritized based on the historic data of most frequently asked questions and requests.

Once the strategy and the layout where clear, we co-created with the client’s UX designer the final mockups with the desired outcome and created the functional documentation to help the developers implement the landing page.