HABEATS is a an end-to-end mHealth, intelligent, risk intervention platform for Healthcare Providers (HCP) to support their patients to reduce and abstain from risky behavior before and after operations. This is an in-house product funded by the European Union, developed for the LIVE INCITE project of Karolinska Hospital, which aims to empower patients and support lifestyle changes in order to improve outcomes of surgical procedures as well as cost effectiveness of healthcare providers.

HABEATS intervenes in 3 stages of a risk intervention programe lifecycle:

  • Patient preparation: patient support in preparation for the intervention program. Patient background, core values, goals and risk profile (based on tests to measure current behavior) are collected.
  • Intervention program execution and monitoring: platform AI monitors and engages patient in self-management through mobile app with intelligent actions. It also connects social groups for added reinforcement. Meanwhile, doctors can monitor progress and make changes and recommendations.
  • Intervention analysis and programe adaption: platform and doctor analyze intervention program results. Platform AI recommends changes for better adherence. Doctor and researcher can make changes and adapt programs.

Results among patients and interventions are stored, analyzed and used to create programs that are more effective in reducing risky behaviors.