LiveCities, the Crowdsourcing platform for open city innovation challenges

Collaborate, co-create, enhance the value of innovation.

LiveCities is a mobile-first platform that enables open innovation by connecting resources, data and technology around people to nurture ideas and carry out projects in a digital collaboration environment.
It provides a tool for different actors of society to share their abilities and resources to support a community that co-creates. LiveCities promotes active citizenship as it encourages citizens to engage actively in open city innovation activities and projects.

“LiveCities enables the innovation ecosystem and helps us become active players in creating a smarter city.”

We developed LiveCities based on user-centric principles. You can check out our mock-up platform here.

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Co-creation is both the means and the end. LiveCities is our first (but not last) open source project. Want to engage in the project? We’re waiting for you. Have any questions? Go-for-it! Send us an email to

Open innovation platform for your organization

¿Do you think your company can benefit from this platform? ¿Are you looking for a way to dynamize innovation within your business? This app may be what you are looking for. Empower your collaborators, harness resources and make ideas turn into to solutions by enhancing the value of innovation project outcomes.

We have customized LiveCities to meet the needs of specific organizations and help them to boost open innovation. Enough with the talk… Let’s meet in person! Contact us.