Data Innovation Canvas

“Build a bridge between business and data science teams and channel new ideas for innovation”

What will your team learn in these workshops?

– To design and propose a data project.
– What is Big Data and Analytics.
– Applicability of big data and artificial intelligence in business.

Who can participate?

It is aimed at all company profiles so that they become familiar and can propose data projects from their functional areas: business, IT, operations, production, etc.

What will I get?

– Basic theoretical aspects of Data Analytics and its applicability in business.
– Training in tools that allow business teams to suggest Data analytics projects.

What is different from other trainings?

– Practical sessions.
– Learn how to use our “Data Innovation Canvas” tool to propose data projects.
– Obtain a Roadmap of data projects for the company upon completion.

Sessions and methodology

3 sessions of 3 hours each.

Theoretical and Practical sessions: each session will have both aspects. In the practical section,  the theoretical aspects learnt will be applied hand in hand with moderators who will help the group shape their Data Analytics project.

At the end of the program each group will have at least one Data Project proposal validated to be presented to the company leaders.

The cases and examples showcased are relevant to your company sector.

A unique methodology: “Data Innovation Canvas”


– Our unique methodology that combines years of experience, dedication and insights into Data Analytics projects;

– Perfectly adapted for your next innovative Data project;

– Facilitating both the understanding and the designing of a Data project;

– Useful for any professional profile.

Download the Data Innovation Canvas

After this program the participants will be able to…

Propose a data project.
Quickly diagnose the value proposals of data projects and implement those that will generate greater value for the business.
Create a conciliatory storyline and establish a framework for cross-sectional discussion within the company regarding data, taking into account all the interrelationships that imply the implementation of data-based solutions.
Know how to use the “Data Innovation Canvas” to detect potentialities, risks and opportunities, within the framework of Data Science and to apply it in the development of data analysis projects.
Leave with a series of possible validated data projects for implementation in their company.


Are the workshops eligible for the Tripartite Foundation?
Yes! This workshop can be rewarded up to 100%, through the Tripartite Foundation. If your company contributes to Social Security for Professional Training, then you have an Annual Credit for Continuous Training of workers.

Are the workshops in person or remotely?
They can be done in both ways. In person if your company is in Barcelona and remotely otherwise.

How are they done remotely?
We prepare the sessions with video call tools like Zoom and online whiteboards like Muro or Miro so that the experience is dynamic and interactive.

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