Data Analytics

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We work the data to give it real value and turn it into information for taking the best business decisions.

Data Engineering

We carry out integration processes and coordinate the necessary flows so that the final result is an information repository that follows a methodology and good practices in line with the corporate data strategy.
When the objective of the integration process is the generation of analytical outputs, the data model is prepared to be easily consumed with any analytical data tool.

Data Visualization

We focus on working these applications with programs like Power BI and Tableau, which allow us to consume data models intuitively.
Focusing on these products, we build applications that let the user extract useful insights from both a general and a detailed perspective.

Big Data Architecture

Before transforming data into your organization’s assets, you must have the architecture and technology necessary to support the Big Data ecosystem. The design of the Big Data architecture is key to implement the systems and technologies necessary to be able to distribute all that information. At 8wires we work with a strategic partner with years of experience in implementing system architectures in order to offer you end-to-end solutions.

Data Science: Analytics, ML & AI

Behind every important business decision, there must be data to support it. We transform data into information with advanced analysis techniques to answer unknowns, find opportunities to optimize results, predict scenarios, and more.

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