The team making things happen

We are a multidisciplinary team of technology activists. We are data scientists, developers, designers and business savvys working together to deliver relevant and cutting-edge solutions for your data needs.

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What we keep telling ourselves


Collaboration drives innovation. Trust, support, collaborate, empathize and enable. Creative potential lies in the juncture of different perspectives.

Embrace the maker in you

Never stop at the obvious, DIY, be self-sufficient, explore and discover, engage in experiments, and on top of everything, fall in love with what you do.

Be Open, Be Flexible

We embrace change and challenges and never give a no for an answer. We believe #OpenSource is the way. Sharing is caring! So share your knowledge and experience.

Keep growing

Be led by curiosity and never stop learning. Learn from your wins and your losses, allow yourself to grow.


The best engine is Joy! There’s no other complex formula. Epic results are driven by passion. We have fun while working and we actually like what we do.

Make your mark

Have a purpose. Do the things people say cannot be done. Embrace your role, make your contribution, pursue your ideas, and have an impact on the team, clients and society.