Delta Hack Day

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Hacktaton season is already here! 

This Saturday 2nd of September was the Local Hack Day, an event organized worldwide by the Major Leage of Hacking that aims to create the largest amount of hackathons in one day. We were glad to join the hackers around the world at a “glocal” hackathon in Deltebre (Catalonia, Spain). 

The Delta Hack Day showcased some of the fields in which some of the most innovative companies are working at the moment.  Quim (8wires python master) opened the event with a talk of introduction to Python (our favorite programming language btw).

Other talks about game programming, AI, digital transformation, software engineering and Big Data followed. 

Hackathons are a great place where the community of like-minded people can learn from each other and connect. 

If you are a developer, I strongly recommend you to attend to one and engage with a community of developers and technology companies with the sole purpose of having fun while doing what we like to do best, Hack on!

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